Biography of Tom Ammiano
Tom was reelected and the top vote getter citywide in the 1998 San Francisco Board of Supervisors election and became the President of the Board.
  • 1994 Elected to Board of Supervisors
  • 1990 Elected to Board of Education (top vote getter)
  • Transportation Authority Chair
  • Public Utilities and Deregulation Committee Member
  • member, Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Board (known as the Bridge Board)
  • Instructor in Humanities at New College of California
  • Instructor in AIDS Peer Education at City College of San Francisco

Tom Ammiano is a popular and successful activist. He was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 1994 and became President of the Board of Supervisors when he was reelected with the greatest number of votes in 1998. He was the top vote getter in the 1990 San Francisco Board of Education race, and served terms as their president and vice president. He is the main architect of the San Francisco Domestic Partners Ordinance which provides equal benefits for employees of companies that contract with the City and County of San Francisco.

Tom has been a Community Resource Teacher for the AIDS Education Project, a classroom teacher for the educable mentally retarded, and a teacher of English in Vietnam. He was an instructor for AIDS Peer Education at City College of San Francisco and a teacher at the Disabled Students Program, also at City College. He has been the subject of a Newsweek article on gay teachers and has received the Harvey Milk Community Service Award.

Tom, "The Mother of Gay Comedy," Ammiano has also been a stand up comic since 1980 when he pioneered gay comedy night at the Valencia Rose Cabaret in San Francisco. Tom is also featured in the Oscar-winning documentary, The Life and Times of Harvey Milk.

Tom is the surviving partner of an 19-year domestic partnership and has one 20-year old daughter.